Raphael awakens your Healing Gifts to heal yourself and others with THREE powerful Activations


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Raphael activates a facet of the heart that makes Self Love possible. Self love brings deep and profound healing.
A second facet of the heart activates Forgiveness and Grace, powerful forces of justice and balance emanating from the heart of the Divine.
The first activates points in your hands forms a channel of healign energy from your heart to your hands.
Raphael awakens your healing gifts to heal yourself and others. Your hands become luminous tools for Raphael's healing energy to flow through.

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Archangel Raphel comes with love and compassion to heal your deepest wounds.

Raphael said, "The Children of Light are sensitive, tender, empathic beings who often choose illness as the path of awakening." 

Experiencing divine love, you learn to love yourself. Self-love brings deep and profound healing so you may thrive. As you heal, Raphael calls you into service. 

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney, bestselling author of Angel Blessings Cards, and founder of TheAngelMinistry.com is your host on this adventure with Raphael.